What’s next?

Prior to taking these next steps, please be sure that we have had a phone consultation and your pre-shoot documents have been signed.

Now that you’ve filled out your Booking Form and Print Release, it’s time to talk details. Here’s what to expect once we’ve discussed the premise of your shoot or wedding, and you’ve completed, signed and sent your forms:


1.  Pay your booking investment

As a photographer (and a client!) it’s important for the two of us to have a clear agreement of expectations, and a booking investment to hold the date that commemorates your milestone! The initial investment for any booking is 33%. For example, if your shoot is $210, your initial investment to hold the date will be $70. This amount should be paid within three business days of receiving pre-booking documents, or booking will not be secure and new documents will have to be submitted. The initial investment in non-refundable. Arrangements to reschedule can be made due to weather conditions or medical emergencies. All other inquiries to reschedule require a new booking investment. Payment arrangements can be made personal to each client.


2. I will send an invoice

Within three business days of receiving your initial investment, I will issue an invoice via email containing your payment received and your balance. You will receive a new invoice after each payment, and a final receipt once your session is paid in full.


3. I will send a payment schedule

To keep you from keeping up with what’s what, I will send a payment schedule that will have assigned payments set to assigned dates. Typically, a regular session will be paid 33% initial deposit, and 67% three business days prior to shooting. However, you can request a longer payment period if the time leading up to your shoot allows. For weddings, 33% initial investment is made, followed by 22%, 22% and the remaining 23% payment. Wedding payments are typically paid in two month increments, but can be paid at lower percentages in shorter time increments.


4. (Wedding only) Two weeks before the wedding, I will send a photo guide

This photo guide has a list of photos that a bride and groom would potentially want taken at their wedding. Although we have previously discussed some of this during your phone consultation, let’s secure it in writing! Your list is personalized to your wedding, depending on guests, wedding party, families, and your requests. You are welcome to edit the list according to the shots you want. Editing must be completed one week prior to the wedding day.


5. After your session or wedding, editing begins

The editing process can be long and sometimes vigorous depending on the shoot I’m working with. Portrait sessions can take up to a week, while weddings can take up to three.


6. Once editing is completed, I will deliver your portraits

Wedding portraits are delivered via package. I will mail or meet up with you to hand-deliver your wedding package.

The package includes the following:

USB with print and web edition portraits

Online gallery for easy-ordering

Print Release

Portrait sessions are delivered via email. Once the gallery is ready, you will receive an email notifying you. The email contains a link to your gallery, and a downloadable code to access the gallery. Each gallery contains two collections: print and web. Web photos are for downloading and using on social media, or anything involving a screen. Print photos are still downloadable, but have different color and file settings adjusted for print only. Prints can be ordered straight through their collection.


7. After reviewing your portraits, let me know what you think!

I appreciate critiques and praise. I value person growth and I don’t think that comes without challenge or encouragement! If you would, share your experience working with me, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and if you’d do it again to the following email:



I value you as an individual and what you have to say. Thank you tremendously for investing in my business!