Hello there, I’m Shelby


I’m on a hot pursuit of seeing the world and hitting as many local coffee shops I can in passing.

My most recent world-traveling experience was moving to Nashville. Upon graduating from Lamar University with a degree in communication, I enrolled as a marketing student at Vanderbilt University and left my hometown of Beaumont, Texas. I will graduate with my master’s degree in 2019.

Up until grad school I worked as the founder and photographer of Lille Vandreren & Co. The name translates to, “Little Wandress,” and that’s exactly what I am, kind of.

This brand started as a means to grow my income and cut back office hours through college, but turned into a full-time job that I couldn’t, and still can’t, get enough of. I had shoots and weddings booked nearly every weekend, and while I am a die hard photography fan, I more-so crave building relationships with clients, the majority of whom I now call friends.

Although I’m not sure what is in store for me upon graduation, I am here to love God and love others — and intensely, at that. I am curious, venturesome, grounded and earnest.

Join me as I share the efforts and ambitions of a twenty-something up to all the good in Tennessee.


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