Arrington Vineyards | Arrington, TN

My dearest friends Kender and Beckah came to Nashville to spend the week/weekend with me, and we went to what has undoubtably become my favorite spot outside the city, Arrington Vineyards.

I’m a big fan of wine, and an even bigger fan of drinking wine in a massive field on a hill overlooking a gorgeous vineyard — especially with Kender and Beckah.

I can’t really explain this day to you, just that it was immeasurably special. If you’re ever in or around Nashville, visit Arrington Vineyards and plan to spend the day; take your shoes off, run around a lot, laugh a lot, dance on the picnic tables, and drink the Raspberry dessert wine. The only thing we didn’t get around to was rolling down the hills. It’s at the top of the agenda for our next visit.




Author: Shelby Strickland

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