Comparative Shopping: 13 Household Essentials

Before moving into my apartment I wanted to be fully equipped with household essentials. Although not wholly necessary, I didn’t want to shop for cleaning supplies and what not in an area I’m not yet familiar with.

I decided to order all of my stuff online so it’s already boxed and can be easily transported to my new home.

I typically shop online at Amazon Prime, Thrive Market and Target. Each of these sites have the brands that I prefer for paraben-free, sulfate-free and plant-derived products, however, these products are not the same price on each website.

I decided to do comparative online shopping for my household essentials to see where I should be buying what as far as cost efficiency goes. Below is a chart that lists the products that I purchased and where you can find them at the most budget-friendly prices:

Download a copy of Comparative Shopping: 13 Household Essentials here.

Bear in mind, the prices listed under Thrive Market are according to member prices. A Thrive Market membership is an annual fee of $59.95, but if you’re using it monthly, you’d make this back in your savings nearly instantly. If you’re unsure about the membership, you can sign up and get your first 30-days for free where you can browse the member catalog.

Use this link to receive 25% off your first purchase.

Delivery options for Target vary depending on how much you spend. I spent $49 and got free two-day delivery. Thrive Market offers the same deal: spend $49 or more and get shipping free. This is something I consider when shopping. I’ll sacrifice spending an extra dollar on a product if it puts me over the line for free shipping on that site.

Additionally, many of the products can’t be found on Amazon Prime unless bought in a multipack and it is typically more expensive to purchase this way.

Of course there are more products I could add to this list, but many of the products I use are multi-purpose. For example, I want to stay away from bleach, so Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Concentrate is a great replacement when diluted. It can be used to clean toilets, floors, countertops, etc. Same goes for the Multi-Surface Cleaner. Another example is Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap. It works wonders when removing residue from the bathtub AND it can be diluted as used as a body soap or bubble bath. I’ve religiously used the Tea Tree scent for nearly two years and I can’t get enough of it. Clean body, clean tub. Happy Shelbs.

The products on my list are ones that I will buy monthly or every other month. Prices will vary depending on sales, but for the most part referring to this chart can make buying household essentials more manageable with only a few clicks of a mouse.



Author: Shelby Strickland

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