This is the kind of date you should be going on in 2019

Calling all type-A, OCD, organized-out-of-your-ever-loving-mind people, and/or those who know someone who has one or all of these personality traits, (or if you just love planners), 2019 is about to be substantially more eventful. Why? Because of this 12-Month Weekly Planner by Moleskine. It’s the perfect planner and you’re hearing about it just in time to gear up for the new year.

I was so excited when I got this planner in the mail. I had done an ungodly amount of research to find a planner that would satisfy every need that I was looking for. I ordered it with “Lille Vandreren” engraved on the front last year, and this year with “Shelby Strickland” in gold foil. It’s $5 extra, but very cute so one-thousand percent worth it. Merry early Christmas to me.

Unboxing this planner was like seeing snow for the first time, or having just heard about an online sale at Anthropologie with free shipping. I was ecstatic and still am, hence the reorder.

I unwrapped it out of its sleek, black covering, and low and behold: there she was. Exactly as I expected she’d be.

The planner features a monthly dated two-page spread from January to December with project planning, and a notes and tasks page following each month. Right behind the monthly spreads are weekly project pages with each day dated and numbered to make lists (or if you’re like me and use military time, these are useful to plan out my day from morning to evening). At the back of the planner are perforated to-do lists that can easily be torn out and carried around (i.e. grocery shopping). In addition to planning, other useful pages include a time zones page, an international measurements page, a dialing codes page, AND a flight durations page — all packed inside this planner. How stinking cool?

My favorite things about this planner are that 1) it lies flat. There are no rings that bulge out of the side so it’s essentially disguised as a book, and 2) it’s got a hard cover, rounded corners and oil cloth that offer exceptional durability.

I purchased a Moleskine notebook at the beginning of 2016 to document all of my travels. This notebook goes with me everywhere. Sometimes it’s tucked away in my luggage, but most of the time it’s being rattled around in my carry-on. My Moleskine notebook, to this day, looks brand new. I place photos and tickets inside of it so it’s stretched a bit to accommodate this, but the corners of the covers have not even slightly worn. Being as planners are made for 365 daily use, Moleskine is doing it right.

If there’s one earthly thing that gets me excited it’s organization and this planner does the job. Maybe my OCD is too evident, but honestly, no shame. I could never be so selfish as to keep this planner a secret. Do yourself the service and plan to be happily impressed.

The brand

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Notebooks are made from various materials from all over the globe — but not dead moles. Moleskin prides itself on its high standard of quality. Their paper is acid-free, and the process to make the products is environmentally friendly. The brand admires the craftsmanship and artisanal methods of East and South Asia and exhibits this through what their brand produces. To learn more, visit their site and read their philosophy.

Author: Shelby Strickland

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