You know those people (usually on social media) that you see and you think “how are you so cool?” or “how are you this beautiful?!” That is how I felt, except in a more tangible way, when I captured portraits of Sarah Toribio last Sunday.

I pull up to the driveway that extended from the road to their home and followed the long, winding rocks until I saw a pond sitting amid staggering forestry, and a wooden cabin with double glass doors just beyond it. I seriously thought, “how does this exist in Southeast Texas?” I felt like I had just arrived in Upstate New York to have coffee in a dimly lit ski-lodge, only illuminated by fire from a fireplace.

When I walked in the house my jaw nearly hit the floor. Wanting to curl up by a fire was exactly correct. Sarah said she feels the same way living there when I expressed my admiration for her home. I’m so antsy to put in to words more of what her home looks like, BUT Sarah and I are working on sharing the interior as part of a second project more personal to her (follow her on Instagram [@sarah.toribio] to see portraits as she shares snippets).

Prior to taking her family portraits, we stood by their pond under a tree while Sarah and her husband poked fun at one another, and I began capturing away. Completely candid and absolutely stunning. I’m looking forward to working with Sarah the next few months. There is so much room for inspired creativity and loads of fun with she and her family.



Author: Shelby Strickland

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