Review: ‘Waco’ miniseries

 Graphic by Shelby Strickland

Graphic by Shelby Strickland

For the past month at the University Press I have been working on a four-part series about the Waco Siege that happened 25 years ago. I took on the story without a clue of what actually happened. I was under the poorly mistaken impression that the event occurred all because of some religious cult near Waco that got themselves involved with something weird and/or illegal. After multiple conversations with Dr. Stuart Wright, Lamar University chair of the department of sociology, social work and criminal justice, and an expert on the subject, I’ve learned this is quite an assumption and an obvious lack of personal investigation on my part. While the Branch Davidians were illegally stock piling weapons, the FBI investigation of the Branch Davidians began on a much different basis and was handled poorly. The results are horrific.

I wrote two of the four-part series which can be read here and here. Part one tells the story leading up to the Waco Siege, and the second explains the event itself. This week for part three, I binge watched the ‘Waco’ miniseries and wrote a review for the University Press. The entire review is available to read here. The final part to the series will be available next Thursday.

Author: Shelby Strickland

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