Grab a plate. It’s grub time.


 Grab a plate..

It’s grub time.

From my table to yours: have a very vegan Christmas.

For Thanksgiving, my family took up (what we thought would be) the challenge of putting together a vegan dinner. My family has been on a health kick, and being as Cormac and I eat twigs and leaves, as my boss would say, my parents decided to go animal-product free with us for the holidays.

I’d been so used to eating quinoa and spinach that I let an entire facet of veganism go unnoticed. Thanksgiving Day changed the way I look at clean eating. There are so many options, and as far as creativity goes, my mind was (and still is) boggled. It was easy on the eyes, tasty to the tongue, and far less challenging than I would have previously thought. Granted, I did more observing and conversing than I did cooking, but Cormac and Hannah didn’t seem to break a single sweat.


We put together a menu, wrote out all the ingredients needed for each recipe, deviated them so each would feed roughly 15 people, then compounded a shopping list. I think my least favorite thing to do is go to the grocery store because a weekly shop seems to take longer than is ideal, but with three pairs of feet running up and down the aisles of HEB, we were in and out in less than an hour.


For your table (link to recipes attached):

Cormac and Hannah prepared all of these dishes, while mum and I stuck to drinks and dessert. We did all of this for under $220, but you would have never guessed it by the amount of food that was prepared. Even my dad and grandfather who are first to jump at a steak were dumbfounded at a meat-free, dairy-free holiday dinner with a more than reasonable price tag. It was such a fun experience for me, and it makes me so excited to have options I enjoy and I know are far less harmful to my body. Each bite in itself was worth sacrificing every ounce of meat.

Author: Shelby Strickland

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