Fredericksburg, TX

This past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Fredericksburg to shoot a wedding for a dear friend of mine. While I was only away for the weekend and hadn’t visited in over two years, I had an blast rediscovering the town. This time of year, Christmas lights are up, and people shop and stroll Main Street from morning to dusk, wearing coats and boots, and carrying a beer or wine in hand.

Fredericksburg sticks to its German roots by allowing the public consumption of beer, wine or liquor while on Main Street. The town’s dime-piece features shop after shop — brew pubs, wine bars, stylized boutiques, and mom and pop shops, all with Christmas window displays. Fredericksburg is so unique. It’s like visiting a European village without having ever left Texas.


We stayed at an Absolute Charm B&B rental that was to die for. It was so cozy and central to the town. The day of the wedding we had the morning free, so we walked a block to Main Street on the hunt for breakfast. We stopped off at a restaurant called Rathskeller where I saw french toast advertised. When we got inside they were no longer serving breaking (it was noon, ha), so instead I had pasta — the best pasta I have ever had in my life. It was angel hair marinated in a light tomato sauce with garlic. Exceptionally simple, but I couldn’t believe the taste. I nearly licked my plate clean.

With full bellies, we continued meandering through shops. Raven + Lily was my favorite. The shop carries unique clothes, jewelry and home decor handmade by artisans all over the world. The brand employs more than 1,500 women from 10 countries. These women are provided with fair trade wage, a safe job and healthcare. So cool, right?


As it was Cormac’s first time visiting Fredericksburg, we couldn’t drive all that way without seeing Enchanted Rock. On our last morning, we woke up extra early, packed our bags, and would stop off for brunch and a hike on our way out. I had read reviews about Hill Top Cafe so we gave it a try. I’ve had lots of brunch and I would safely say, this restaurant is in the top 5 brunch spots I’ve ever eaten at. The wait staff was as friendly as could be, and the decor was authentic and homey. Christmas lights were strung from wall to wall, and there was a Gospel brunch happening in the room adjacent to where we were seated.


Our drive to Enchanted Rock was about 20 minutes from Hill Top Cafe, but we essentially doubled that time because of our stopping and going, and stopping again to look at nearly any animal we saw and deemed cute.

Of course, the hike was even more beautiful than the drive. The visitor’s map said the hike should have taken 45 minutes. Somehow we made it to the top in 16 minutes (this is what happens when you’re dating a runner). When we got to summit we sat, made friends with a bee, snacked, and talked about the highs and lows of Fredericksburg (landscape not included). This conversation continued for six hours from the hill country home, but involved a lot less wind and a lot more coffee.

Author: Shelby Strickland

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