Don’t show this to my parents…

Merry early Christmas to my mum and dad (It’s still a secret; I blocked them on social media before posting this). Cormac, Hannah and I snuck away after Thanksgiving lunch with just enough time for Cormac to take sister portraits of us. He did such a nice job. Family portraits never happen, and photos with the two of us happen once every few years, maybe. These will surely make Sharon cry. They may even pull a tear or two out of Craig.

Since Thanksgiving I have been nonstop presentation preparing, writing (not leisurely) and studying. I’m enduring all the college time that I’m immersed in during finals week, but looking ahead to Christmas break when I’ll get to spend countless hours with my family. We’ll have no real agenda. There’s no rush to finish our coffee or hurry our conversation — only time for one another. It’s like one Thanksgiving Day after another for over two weeks straight. What a dream.


Author: Shelby Strickland

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